New Zealand officially the least corrupt country in the world .. again


The global anti-corruption NGO Transparency International released its latest Corruptions Perception Index, which rates countries on their “perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and business people”. The index has given New Zealand the status of least corrupt country in the world. Another way of looking at it is; New Zealand as a country has the most integrity and transparency in domestic and international dealings, which is an achievement which all New Zealanders can be proud of.

Last year, the number one spot on the index was shared between New Zealand and Denmark. This year, New Zealand ranked highest with 90 points (out of 100) with Denmark marginally behind with 88 points.

Transparency International NZ’s David McNeill said Kiwis should be proud of their ranking. The index reflects the Kiwi way of being intolerant of corruption and injustices. Especially when resources are distributed unfairly from the many to the few. The integrity of public servants, good business practices, transparency in financial dealings and institutions, an open government and a high degree of democratic health have all contributed New Zealand’s number one ranking.

Western Europe was the least corrupt region of the world. But more than two-thirds of the 180 countries in the list scored below 50, with the average score a lowly 43. South Africa scored 43, so if you think South Africa is corrupt, it’s not an exception – it’s the norm.

Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and central Asia ranked the worst however, with Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Lybia, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, North Korea, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Venezuela close behind.

Countries that have improved since last year include the Ivory Coast, Senegal and the UK. Syria, Yemen and Australia all slipped.

The world’s least-corrupt countries

1. New Zealand
2. Denmark
3. Finland, Norway, Switzerland
6. Singapore, Sweden
8. Canada, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, The UK

The world’s most-corrupt countries
1. Somalia
2. South Sudan
3. Syria
4. Afghanistan
5. Yemen, Sudan
7. Libya, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, North Korea


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